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What is Connect 10’s safety technology PVAD? 

PVAD stands for Personal Voltage Alert Device. PVAD can detect the impossible, the invisible. 

PVAD has an ability that humans are missing, PVAD can detect the invisible RF signal that an A/C electrical circuit sends out. The bigger the voltage the bigger the invisible field. 

The breakthrough PVAD Technology can detect extremely low signals, ranging from 440 volts, down to as little as 110 volts. 

No current active draw (amperage) is needed for PVAD to detect the signal only active voltage is required. 

The PVAD Glove is designed as a safety solution for environments where unknown sources of electrical current may still be live. 

PVAD enables the user to be alerted to the risk of live electricity. 

PVAD acts as an early warning system to help prevent people coming in contact with unknown and often lethal electrical circuits. 

Numbers Speak

Fatal electrical injuries occurred in the construction industry
Shock incidents per year which are non-fatal
Increase in fatal electrical injuries between 2017-2018
Of all electrical injuries in 2018 were fatel

Industry Alignment

PVAD’s World First Electrical Safety Technology is designed for workers and safety managers in the broad range of industries that are exposed to potential electrical hazards. 

Where to Buy

Connect 10®  have partnered exclusively with The Glove Company®  to bring PVAD Technology to the market. 
Contact The Glove Company Authorised Distributor of Connect 10’s products for more information. 

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